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PG Services (PG0251659-K) was registered on the auspicious day of 09.09.09 and is ever since, fully committed to provide our best services for everyone without any prejudice on this wonderful island of Penang - the Pearl of Orient of Malaysia.

With our Motto of being the Ultimate Solutions Provider, we aimed to be among the top players in the Service Industry especially in the tourism sector where we believe we can play a part in promoting Penang as an undisputable International City and Resort.

As a Chinese proverbs said "You may not know the road well if you are new to the place", we believe our presence will bring peace of mind as we are there to provide guidance and assistance to those who are still new to Penang. Be it tourists or expats, we will be there to give sound advice and affordable services to make sure your stay in Penang will be a memorable one.

With our vast coverage of services being offered here, we are confident that our highly trained team members will live up to your high expectations while our accountants work through the night to keep all cost as low as possible. So it is no suprise if you will find our services are highly affordable while your satisfactions will always be guaranteed.

Take a closer look at the menus available in our main homepage and get in touch with us to see how we can be of service to you. Our Corporate Profile is also available as you scroll down this page in order for you to know PG Services better.

Got a problem, No Worries. Let PG Services be your Ultimate Solutions Provider!

Our Address : No. 536-J, Jalan Abdullah Ariff, 11400 Ayer Itam, Penang.

Our Contact No. : 016 4410088

Our Fax No. : 04 8282567

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